Our History


In 2016, God began to stir the hearts of Pastor Stanley and Dr. Melissa Patton with an idea to plant a Church in Melbourne, FL. They envisioned a multicultural, multigenerational, life-giving Church, that would conduct biblically relevant and passionate worship experiences. As Stanley and Melissa began their initial steps towards planting Victory Church it was evident that the vision required a lot of prayers, support, and faith. As the Patton’s began to share their vision with a small group of potential supporters, churches, pastors, and civic leaders, the pathway to planting Victory Church became clearer.

In the fall of 2016, Stanley and Melissa opened their home to conduct launch team meetings, sharing their hopes and dreams for a new church. The first few meetings quickly outgrew their home and meetings had to be moved to a partner Church as they created strategies and plans towards launching the new Church. It was during this preparation season that Victory Church was going to need an unconventional way to raise support, reach people, and redefine how people actually saw the Church. It was during a planning meeting that Stanley and Melissa began to entertain the notion of using youth sports programming as a vehicle to organically assimilate people back to the church.

Victory Kid Sports was launched six months before Victory Church as a way to reach people, raise additional support and redefine how people see the Church. Victory Kid Sports started developing sports camps, recreational leagues, and family oriented tournaments as a way to promote the Victory brand. Today, Victory Kid Sports is a national and international organization that has programming in schools, churches, and municipalities. In 2017, Victory Kid Sports was voted as Non-Profit of the Year on Florida’s Space Coast.

On March 5, 2017 Victory Church opened up its doors and held its first service in a 7500 sq. ft. converted Bank of America building. 138 people attended the first service and we quickly added an additional worship service to accommodate the rapid growth. Victory Church outgrew its first facility after the first year. It became evident that after the first year we needed additional space to keep growing. Through prayer and trusting in God’s plan for Victory, God provided us with two buildings. One facility was used for worship on Sundays and the other was used everyday for our Victory Kid Sports program.

In 2020 due to the pandemic, Victory opened an online virtual campus until we bought our new facility in Merritt Island in 2021. Today, Victory Church and Victory Kid Sports are growing individually and collectively as we continue to impact people from Merritt Island, FL and beyond. We’ve created an environment and atmosphere that is quickly becoming recognized for its Biblical relevancy, diversity, creativity, kids focus, and passion for worship. There is something happening at Victory every day! Thanks to  the many people and partners like send network and a host of churches, Our Story Is Just Beginning!

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